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  • AS1 Ankle Support

    Fairtex AS1 Ankle Support provides joint protection to help prevent sport injuries to the ankle including scratches during training with Thai pads. They feature a thick and durable construction which is both comfortable and provide great support. They are perfect for MMA and Muay Thai sparring and training.

  • BAG2 Gym Bag

    Fairtex BAG2 Gym Bags are made from premium grade waterproof nylon and features lockable zippers, mobile pouch, wet clothes and shoe compartments, and ear plug exit.

  • HW2 Cotton Hand Wraps

    Fairtex HW2 Cotton Hand Wraps are semi-elastic wraps which custom fit to each hand for the best protection available. They are perfect for wrapping between fingers and knuckles and come complete with starter thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for security.

  • Liniment Oil

    The Fairtex Liniment Oil is perfect for athletes to relieve muscles, tendons and joints, but also for those who need to warm up and prepare the muscles for exercise.

  • ROPE2 Skipping Rope

    Fairtex ROPE2 Skipping Rope features plastic bearing handles and a strong plastic rope. It is thick and durable enough to withstand any serious workout.

  • ROPE3 Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

    The Fairtex heavy-duty ball-bearing skipping rope is specially designed for Muay Thai training and perfect for stamina and endurance improvement during a workout routine. The product is made of durable PVC material which is weighted more than the traditional skipping rope. This adjustable rope is ideal for everyone.