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  • BXP1 Boxing Paddles

    Fairtex Boxing Paddles are an ideal training aid to increase punching precision, speed and accuracy. Featuring a reinforced handle with iron to ensure maximum durability.

  • FMV10 Classic Pro Focus Mitts

    Fairtex FMV10 Classic Pro Focus Mitts feature extra soft padded hand compartment design for ultimate comfort and to help avoid jammed fingers. They are constructed with ultra-light and multi-layered soft foam core for optimal shock absorbency.

  • FMV13 Maximized Focus Mitts

    Fairtex FMV13 Maximized Focus Mitts have a new expanded training area with an 8.5 inch width, and state of the art four layer high density foam core padding to optimize shock absorption and minimize injury.

  • FMV14 Short Focus Mitts

    Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts are super lightweight to increase speed and accuracy of punching.

  • FMV15 Micro Focus Mitts

    A Brilliant Fight Training Tool, These New, Bestselling Super Lightweight Curved Pads Are Designed to Perfectly Fit Your Palm & Absorb The Shock From Hard Hitting Punches. Created with the professional athlete in mind, this new Micro Focus Mitt is a micro target, small and lightweight to practice speed and accuracy drills.

    Rated as the best micro mitts/focus pads that are used by trainers around the world, these focus mitts/pads are made from microfiber for maximum durability and to make them as lightweight as possible; great for those fast and quick movements, training agility and speed.

    These curved pads are designed to perfectly fit your palm and absorb the shock from hard hitting punches.

  • FMV8 Pro Angular Focus Mitts

    Fairtex FMV8 Pro Angular Focus Mitts feature a tear drop shape design allows for punching, elbowing, kneeing and working on the ‘inside’. The angular hand compartment design fits naturally to the trainer’s hands while minimising wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use.

  • FMV9 Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

    Fairtex FMV9 Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts features the unique contoured hand compartment that is¬†ergonomically¬†engineered to fit naturally to the trainer’s hands,¬†minimizing wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use. Also allows trainer maximum control and leverage.