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  • GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy

    Fairtex GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy is designed to fit triangle, arm bar and arm choke drill. Its neck is designed to support you to do guillotine, darce choke and anaconda choke. Maddox is good for all kinds of controls including side mount, full mount, north south and back control.

  • GD3 Maddox Hybrid Grappling Dummy

    Fairtex GD3 Maddox Hybrid Grappling Dummy is a combination of the MAX-BAG and MADDOX so you get throwing bag, free-standing bag, grappling dummy, hanging heavy bag, target simulating heavy bag in one single product. A MAX-BAG owner can combine the top part to their existing base of MAX-BAG immediately to add function.