GD3 Maddox Hybrid Grappling Dummy


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Fairtex GD3 Maddox Hybrid Grappling Dummy is a combination of the MAX-BAG and MADDOX so you get throwing bag, free-standing bag, grappling dummy, hanging heavy bag, target simulating heavy bag in one single product. A MAX-BAG owner can combine the top part to their existing base of MAX-BAG immediately to add function.

  • Focusing on the target such as the face, chin, arm, neck, belly, etc. Good for Muay Thai practicing and other martial arts as well such as Judo, Krav Maga, etc.
  • Take the top part out from the base, throw it to the ground and enjoy some grapplings. Still being good for ground and pound and position control.
  • Detachable pieces: top and base
  • Top one functions as throwing bag, grappling dummy, free-standing bag and heavy bag (extra installation kit provided)
  • Installation kit provided to hook and hand it like a heavy bag.
  • 360-degree training the same as MAX-BAG foam-based free-standing bag. Add variation to your drills.
  • The same base as “Max Bag” foam-based free-standing bag. No need to fill water, a low kick is possible. If you have already owned “Max Bag” you can buy only top part.
  • No water leakage. X cross nylon straps underneath to prevent your floor to be scratched.
  • Approximate weight: 71 kg (Top : 30 kg / Base : 41 kg)



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